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 Uncle Gary's  Governance Council (Board of Directors)
and Consultants

Binnie Tate Wilkin serves on Uncle Gary's Edutainment and Cultural Think-Tank Committees. A nationally renowned storyteller, author, and educator, Binnie has been inducted into the California Library Association's Hall of Fame and received an Oracle Award for her significant contributions nationwide, to the art of storytelling.


Binnie is an award-winning author whose library service publications and books have enlightened widely diverse communities with greater knowledge and well-rounded perspectives on the African Diaspora.


Binnie is also an authority on the values of Cultural Competency as related to all cultures worldwide.


Harley Spiller is the Founding Director of Inspector Collector  Specialties and Deputy Director of Franklin Furnace Archive which supports avant-garde artists from all four corners of the earth.


Inspector Collector Specialties is another facet of Harley's expertise in non-profit arts administration, which includes his collections of creative pedagogy, and independent exhibitions.


Harley built and placed permanent collections in museums and universities worldwide. As an artist & administrator, Harley's career is also focused on providing a platform for people who might need help finding one.


Harley holds an MA in Liberal Studies with honors from the New School for Social Research. His guidance is a tremendous asset to Uncle Gary's international, media, performing, visual, and literary arts programs.

Isauribel Gomez is the first recipient of Uncle Gary's  International Fellowship in Global Communications, New Media, and Social Justice.


Isauribel is also a Straight-A Student at the Colin Powell School for Global Leadership at the City University of New York.


In addition to her responsibilities as a Fellow, Isauribel also serves on the Edutainment & Cultural Think-Tank Committees.


Before Uncle Gary's, Isaurabel taught classes in Critical Thinking at Centro Civico Cultural Dominicano in New York City and was Writing Tutor at Pace University.

Jim Mileski retired from his Management position at Old Colony Elder Services outside of Boston after 38 years of service, where was a strong and reliable advocate for seniors, their families, and communities.

Jimmy is an On-Air Talent & Content Contributor to Uncle Gary's upcoming 65/48 Journey: a Lifescope, Edutainment & Cultural Think-Tank Podcast Journey. Jimmy resides in Bridgewater, Massachusetts.


ron balcarres_edited.jpg

Ron Balcarras is one of Uncle Gary's biggest cheerleaders. Ron holds dual citizenship in Canada his birthplace, and the United States. Ron is retired, a nature enthusiast, and loving the good life 40 after years of working in Information Technology. Ron's corporate, technical and leadership skills are strong and ready for use at Uncle Gary's Global Media. 


Ron has become a prolific Songwriter, Poet, and Musician who also advocates for various social justice causes. Every startup with a social enterprise vision like Uncle Gary's needs a solid supporter like Ron to succeed.

daniel gross headshot_2_edited.jpg

Daniel Gross is a Film Editor who self-describes his professional objectives as providing "creative, analytical, and thoroughly innovative film editing services, and detailed storytelling abilities".


Daniel has done this for Netflix, during his Mindful Editor Fellowship at Moving Picture Institute and other reputable media companies. Uncle Gary's Global Media is truly blessed that Daniel is the newest member of the team, as a Media Consultant & Content Creator.


Daniel is from Connecticut but presently resides in Los Angeles, CA. He also spends lots of time in New York City.

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